Blackout Window Treatments

Blackout window curtains, shades, and blinds
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There are several reasons one might want blackout window treatments. This page answers some important, common questions. Give it a read, and then if you have additional questions or you're interested in getting a quote, let us know and we'll be sure to help you!

What are blackout window treatments?

Blackout window curtains, shades and blinds have room darkening qualities which diminish the amount of sunlight and UV rays entering the room.

What types of rooms can benefit from blackout window treatments?

Any room environment requiring adjustable room darkening: sleeping environments, nurseries, media rooms etc. can benefit from blackout window treatments. Additional benefits include sound reduction, temperature control, and energy efficiency as well as furniture , upholstery and window covering preservation.

Are blackout window treatments expensive?

While blackout curtains, shades and blinds are more costly than non-blackout product, they pay for themselves in energy savings and “home fashion longevity."

What do room darkening fabrics look like?

Room darkening fabrics have substantially improved over the years. A wide variety of qualities: textured fabrics, silk, satin and linen “looks”, prints, and woven effects in a wide range of fashion colors are now available.

What's the process for creating blackout window treatments? Do I get to pick the fabric?

Many of our fabric resources now offer a substantial range of qualities with room darkening attributes. In addition, a blackout lining may be added to a large range of non-blackout fabrics, fabricated into the customized style and top treatment of your choice.

How are blackout curtains installed?

Blackout curtains are installed in the same manner as standard curtains and drapes. To achieve maximum room darkening, dimensions should be measured at least two inches beyond the window frame size on all sides. Using wrap-around rods will promote maximum results. If the hardware has been previously installed to the correct dimension and placement, removing the previous window treatment and replacing with the new is quite simple. Otherwise, it is recommended measurements and installation be handled by one of our qualified professionals.

Do I have to be home when they are installed?

An initial appointment with our installer is scheduled for each and every new project when precise measurements are taken. It is recommended one be present the day of installation.

Can I get motorized blackout window treatments?

Blackout window treatments may be motorized, just as any standard window treatment!

Should I get shades or curtains?

Either style window covering can be equally effective in terms of room darkening. The room style, window placement and functional aspect can all play a part in your choice however ultimately it’s your personal preference.

Generally speaking, window shades tend to work in more contemporary, casual interiors while draperies can be equally effective for both formal elegant environments as well as contemporary modern spaces. Quite often, a combination thereof produce an impactful result.

Do shades dampen sound like soundproof curtains?

Since curtains tend to cover a larger area, in terms of sound, they can be more effective.

What are some of the insider secrets that only the experts usually know?

A general rule in interior design is to promote the appearance of a larger space, larger windows and ”continuous lines”. By extending a drape from floor to ceiling or wall to wall, it promotes the illusion of a larger window and larger wall. Another way to promote a “continuous Line” is to match or select a window covering fabric color close in cast and depth to the wall color, whether paint or wallpaper.

Creating a peaceful retreat within our home can provide the serenity we all need, at times, from our 21st century hectic lives. Blackout window fashions can provide one aspect of that desired environment. Beckenstein offers a vast selection of window fashions and fabrics to accommodate your personal style and create the home that truly reflects you and your lifestyle!