Why Choose Hunter Douglas?: The Top Benefits of Hunter Douglas Shades

Hunter Douglas Shades

Let in the light, and your home will look bigger and brighter. Light can be damaging though, so it’s important to have the right window treatments to protect your energy bill, your furniture, your children, and more.

Even if you have window glazing, that may not be enough. Hunter Douglas shades allow you to safely and easily control the light that comes into your home with style. Read on to find out how.

What Can Hunter Douglas Shades Do For Your Home?

You care about your home, from choosing the right accent piece for your living room to keeping your blinds clean. You’ve worked hard for your home and its contents, and want to protect that investment.

You also know that even though New York is in the northeast, those summer days can get stiflingly hot. Cranking the air conditioning to human-popsicle temperatures can be an energy drain.

Did you know roughly 30 percent of a house’s energy seeps out through its windows? Imagine your energy bills costing 30 percent less; imagine your carbon footprint decreasing. Now imagine it’s because you’ve installed Hunter Douglas blinds.

Let’s talk about your furnishings. If you don’t want your child jumping on your couch or drinking grape juice on it, then you don’t want too much harmful UV radiation fading those fabrics either.

Glass coatings can still let in up to 26 percent of UV radiation, but Hunter Douglas roller shades can help protect your furnishings. When you’re not in the room, roll those shades down to prevent UV radiation from contributing to fabric fading. 

Because there’s no cord, your child (who is no longer jumping on your couch or running around with an open cup of purple juice) is safe.

Hunter Douglas cellular shades are an example of a smart-home innovation. You can control them from a remote or even from an app on your phone, so if you’re headed out to the Hamptons or down to the Jersey shore for some beach time and forgot to close your shades, you can do so on the go.

The variety of Hunter Douglas shades means you can treat your windows without sacrificing style. The quality of these shades allows you to enjoy privacy, as well as these other great features.

When It’s Okay to Be Shady

Hunter Douglas shades are to windows what a Tesla is to your garage. They’re high-end, safe, and stand for quality as well as that certain je ne sais quoi you look for to make your home stand out.

So go ahead–be shady with American blinds: for your family, for your furniture, for the planet.

We’d love to talk with you about how to make your home even better with window treatments. Reach out and let us know what you need in blinds, shades, shutters, and sheers to make your home energy-efficient, convenient, safe, and light-controlled.