This Is Why We Do What We Do! (Best Review)

This is why we do what we do! (best review)

Fabric stores come and go but there is a reason why Beckenstein has been supplying New York City with upholstery fabric for more than 100 years. Unlike your typical fabric store, we understand what goes into each textile, what creates the perfect finished product and how the material will wear over time. Our commitment to our customers’ experience is reflected in the positive reviews we receive. But every once in a while, we receive a review that paints the perfect picture of the Beckenstein experience.

Cindy H on Yelp said:

Years, years, years ago when Beckenstein was still selling yardage (not ready to wear) in their Orchard Street locale, I went there. Desperate, I needed to match some antique WHITE bridal satin for a wedding dress I was making for my neighbor’s daughter. The fabric was an heirloom, and she and her mother insisted I incorporate it into the final dress, except..of course I needed more fabric to complete the gown and headpiece. (Why is this forever.. the case? As Gilda used to say, “Always something!”) Anyway, I had remembered to bring a swatch of the fabric. White antique satin to match this? Yeah, as if…The gentleman who was clearly an old world professional asked me to accompany him into the back area. There must have been a hundred bolts of white satin, lining the rear wall…all rolled up, facing forward. I could not distinguish one from the other. Then he said, “Lady, I’m going to do something unusual. Please don’t be upset.” With that, he took out a small lighter and SET FIRE TO THE CORNER. It burned for a second, then he pressed it between his fingers. “Ahh, yes..” he said, thoughtfully once the fire was out. “There is a little rayon, just as I thought.” He reached up, pulled down a bolt and unrolled it with a flourish. It billowed like some rich, luxurious white sail in the wind. And it was an absolutely perfect match. Don’t anyone ever tell ME Beckenstein doesn’t know from fabric.”

It is not enough to have thousands of fabrics in the store. It is not enough to have decades of experience in textiles to be able to identify a fabric by sight or touch. You, our customers, are what make us more than a fabric store. Our commitment to matching your project with the perfect material and your willingness to allows us to be a part of your lives are what sets us apart. For that, we are grateful.