You have discerning taste. Perhaps you are a forward-thinking designer or a weekend warrior with an eye for color, pattern, texture, and shine. Or maybe you want to spruce up your room with a few touches that will change the look of the whole place. No matter who you are or what your tastes, upholstery pillows and padding are some of the fastest ways to put your personal spin on home or office decor. And there is no better place to have custom pillows made than Beckenstein Fabrics.

Custom Colors, Shapes and Pillow Designs

Beckenstein Fabrics has been around for more than a century because we do not make your ordinary Pottery Barn pillows. What sets us apart is your ability to customize the size, shape, color and fabric of every throw pillow we make for you. No more walking into your friend's house only to realize you have the same throw pillows. Our custom pillow covers are started only after you select the perfect fabric, size, shape, fill and accessories. And with our extensive range of in-stock and custom ordered fabrics the most discerning eye is sure to find the perfect thing.

Beyond Decorative Pillow Fabric

Beckenstein Fabrics goes beyond selling decorative pillow fabric. We offer customized design consultations for every client. Choose from one of our in-stock fabrics or leaf through thousands of fabric samples to find the exact color, texture and composition you want. Then, design the size and shape of your pillow. Need a 24 inch square throw pillow in silk? We can do that. Dying for a round pillow in embroidered brocade? We can do that as well. Finally, select your fill. Choose from poly foam, poly dacron or down for your ideal shape and firmness. Then, choose your finishes and accessories. The cost of your beautiful, one-of-a-kind pillow is determined by the pillow fabric by the yard, shape, size, fill, and finishes. Once you have made your choices, the real work begins as we custom build the pillow of your dreams. When all is said and done, you will have unique, breathtaking throw pillows sure to be a conversation piece in your home or office decor.

When Mass Produced Won't Do

Whether you are an amateur designer or a seasoned professional, you know that finding the right pillow can be a challenge. Big box stores peddle mass-produced pillows in similar color palates, "standard" sizes, and boring finishes. Millions of these pillows find their way across America where they are placed on retail store shelves and wait for bargain hunters to claim them on sale. It can be nearly impossible to find the right shape, size, color, and design of throw pillow you need to complete the look of your home, especially if your tastes are not dictated by a distant buyer. If you are considering high-quality, custom-made pillows, stop Googling "Pillow upholstery near me" and visit Beckenstein Fabrics for something that is as much a statement of your personality as it is a decoration.