Opening a New Window: The Top Signs You Need New Window Treatments

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Windows are one of the most important features in your home. But it’s hard to live with windows that don’t have high-quality window treatments. 

If that sounds like your windows, it might be time to try something new. 

We’ve put together the top five signs that mean it’s time to get new window treatments. 

So let’s dive in! 

1. The Color Has Faded

Fading makes your window treatments look old and distasteful. And sometimes the color they fade into isn’t very attractive. 

If your blinds have turned into a weird, yellowish color or your curtains are much lighter on the inside, it’s time to start looking for something new. 

2. They’re Warped, Frayed, or Damaged 

Your blinds should be able to open and close without a lot of effort. If the controls are starting to break, that’s a good sign you need new window treatments. 

Dogs and cats can also cause serious damage to the bottoms of your window treatments. After all, it’s within reach of their teeth and claws. Many pets might fight to open or get inside the blinds so they can watch the outside world or wait for you to come home from work. 

While this is a loving gesture, it can do a lot of harm to your window treatments. 

Even if you don’t have pets, your window treatments will wear down over time. If the edges of the shades are starting to fray, they won’t last much longer. 

Many window treatments, especially if they’re made of wood, will also warp as they age. 

3. They Don’t Close Tightly 

Protecting your privacy is one of the main jobs of your window treatments. But old window treatments might not be able to do this. 

Shades and curtains can fray, rip, or become see-through. Blinds can stop closing tightly. 

If you can see through your window treatments when they’re closed, you might want to think about replacing them. 

4. They Aren’t Safe for Kids 

Some window treatments aren’t safe for young children. If you aren’t careful, these types of blinds can send you and your child to the emergency room. In some cases, accidents involving blinds can even be deadly

If you’re getting ready to have a baby, you should take a close look at your window treatments to make sure they’re safe for children. If they aren’t, you need to buy new ones as soon as possible. 

5. They’re out of Style 

Are your blinds several years out of style? Out-of-style blinds can make your home look like it’s stuck in the past. It can also be embarrassing if you want to keep up with the current trends. 

Getting new windows can be a good motivation for updating your window treatments. Old window treatments can make your new windows look much less impressive. 

The Top Signs You Need New Window Treatments 

One of the most important signs you need new window treatments is if you hate what’s currently hanging over your windows. You have to like what’s in your house. If you don’t, you’ll feel less comfortable and happy inside your home. 

Do you need some inspiration for your new window treatments?

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