Never Worry About a Window Treatment Again With These Tips

window treatment

People like to say their home is their castle. And whether you’re buying a new house or updating your home, the decor is important.

It’s a way to express who you are while meeting your needs.

A simple way to update a room is using a window treatment. But what options are available and how should you use them?

Read on to learn more.

What Is a Window Treatment?

A window treatment is anything that dresses a window. 

Blinds and shades only cover the window. But they’re easy to adjust as the light changes throughout the day.

Curtains or drapes are a more traditional choice. Depending on the material, they offer a formal look.

For length, you have three options. They can be floor-length, or long enough to pool on the floor. Some people choose them to end just below the window ledge.

Consider using several treatments on one window to control light or privacy. Curtains pair well with blinds.

If you choose the curtains and shades combination, have a boxy window valance to cap the curtains. It helps to complete the look.

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Tips for the Bedroom and Living Room

Bamboo blinds are expressive and cheap. They also offer extra texture. 

For more dimension and a rustic feel, consider indoor shutters or wooden blinds.  

If you have a bigger budget and you still want to enjoy the view? Try Venetian blinds instead. 

Want curtains? Install the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible. This helps make the room feel taller. Curtains can warm up a room because they help trap warm air.

Window treatments offer an easy way to bring patterns or color into neutral rooms. Match window treatments to other furnishings, like cushions or rugs.

Or try blackout shades if you have trouble sleeping in a light room.

Tips for the Bathroom

The window treatment you choose for the bathroom needs to suit the environment. Don’t choose materials that won’t do well in steamy or warm rooms.

Fabric roller shades are a great window treatment in the bathroom. They’re easy to pull up and down for better privacy. The steam won’t damage the material.

Simple curtains are also an interesting choice. Choose a fabric to match your bathroom color scheme. 

Tips for the Kitchen

Full-length curtains can be cumbersome in the kitchen. Choose bamboo blinds instead for easy adjustments and their space-saving qualities.

Partial window treatments like cafe curtains also work well in the kitchen. They help control light but don’t completely block your view.

Wooden blinds are another good choice. They’re easy to keep clean and don’t absorb food smells.

Which Window Treatment Will You Choose?

As you can see, there’s a window treatment for every room. Your choice comes down to personal taste, available space, budget, and existing decor.

But you can switch up the feel of a room just by changing the window treatments. Which makes it easy and fun to refresh a room every season!

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