How to Wallpaper Like a Pro

One of the fastest ways to transform a living space is by adding wallpaper. Wallpaper enables you to integrate a variety of patterns, shapes, styles, and images into your home décor. Unlike paint, wallpaper lets you show off your unique decorating style. If you’ve ever been intimidated by the idea of hanging wallpaper yourself, don’t be! Here’s a simple to follow guide to how to hang wallpaper like a pro!

First Step: Prep!

Your walls need to be ready to accept the wallpaper, so you’ll need to prep the walls before you do anything else. First, wash the walls with a wet sponge and warm water. This will get rid of dust and other debris. Allow the walls to dry at least overnight so they are thoroughly dry before moving on to the next step. Next, fill in any divots or uneven spots by using a drywall mixture and a putty knife. Allow that to dry overnight. The next day, sand the area so it’s completely smooth, and then wipe off excess dust with a wet sponge. Wait another day until the wall is dry again. Finally, paint the areas where you applied the drywall compound, with a paint primer. For best results, wait another 24 hours before wallpapering.


Now you’ll need to measure carefully and mark where the wallpaper will go. Measure the entire wall face from the top of the baseboard all the way up to where the wall meets the ceiling. Now add 4 inches to that measurement. This will give you wiggle room to match patterns and trim without worry.

Lay out the Paper

For this step, you can work on the floor or on a large table. (HInt: an old picnic table covered with a plastic tablecloth works great!) Roll out your wallpaper and cut the length to match what you measured, plus the extra 4 inches.

Apply Adhesive

Apply the wallpaper adhesive to the back of the wallpaper using slow, methodical strokes. Take your time and don’t add too much adhesive in one spot. Try to apply an even coat.

Line Up the Wallpaper

Now, line up the top edge of the wallpaper strip with the top line of the ceiling. The best place to start is in a corner of the room. Be sure to line up the left or right side of the wallpaper with the perpendicular wall. This will ensure that your wallpaper is hanging completely straight.

Smooth out Wrinkles

Use a clean wallpaper brush to work out any bubbles or wrinkles in the wallpaper. Start from the center and work outward. Try not to move the wallpaper as you’re doing this, as the adhesive will not be permanently set at this point.

Repeat Until Finished

Now all you have to do is repeat the steps all the way around the room. When you hang the next panel, overlap the wallpaper strip slightly. This will ensure that you don’t have a narrow bare area showing between wallpaper strips. If you have obstacles on your wall, such as windows or a fireplace, you can use a sharp knife to cut around them after you adhere the very top of the wallpaper to the wall.

Now that you know how to wallpaper like a pro, why not shop now for your wall covering? Contact us now!