Ditch or Fix: When to Reupholster Your Furniture


Getting your furniture reupholstered is a labor of love that can help you get far more valuable from each piece. 

You will need the assistance of some professionals that have the materials and experience to give you the end result that you are looking for. 

But how do you know when to reupholster your furniture?

This is a personal decision that you’ll need to consider carefully. Follow these tips so you can make the right decision for your furniture pieces. 

Reupholster the Furniture if it is Valuable or a Sentimental Item

Sometimes replacing a piece of furniture isn’t an option. Perhaps you inherited it, maybe it’s a collector’s piece. Or perhaps it’s just a piece of furniture that holds significant sentimental value. 

In these situations, it makes more sense to get more out of the current furniture by reupholstering it, rather than replacing it. A quality professional can help you improve and protect the furniture by updating it, while still allowing it to preserve its original appearance and charm. 

This is part art, part science, and requires the help of someone with the skill to pull it off. 

Consider Refurbishing to Save Some Money on a Replacement

It also makes sense to refurbish or reupholster furniture pieces when the job ends up being less expensive. 

Check around for replacements for your sofa, chair or whichever furniture piece you are thinking about replacing. If the price is more than you’re willing to pay, you would do well to get it reupholstered instead. 

Every reupholstery job is different based on the materials and labor involved. Make sure that you get several estimates to get a fair price on this work. 

Reupholstering furniture can usually cost between $700 and $1,200, so weigh these costs before deciding. 

Make Sure That You’ve Found a Quality Professional to Handle the Work

Above all, you will need the help of a quality reupholstery professional to make sure the work is done correctly.

It doesn’t make sense to get reupholstery work if your furniture piece isn’t going to look much better as a finished product. Speak to different professionals to see before and after examples of their prior work, and it will help to inform your decision and figure out whether it is worth the cost. 

Be Sure the Frame is Solid

Finally, reupholstery is only ever an option when the furniture frame is solid. 

You can’t put a bandaid on a bad foundation, so if the frame is falling apart, it’s sometimes best to scrap the furniture and replace it, rather than try to reupholster it. A professional can give your furniture an inspection to see if it can be salvaged. 

Consider These Tips to Get the Most From Your Furniture

When you are trying to decide whether or not reupholstering your furniture is a good idea, always consider these points first. This can be a big difference in price and quality, so you will need to do your homework. 

Our company has some of the best professionals around when you would like to reupholster your furniture. Take time to reach out to us so you can learn more.