Cleaning Hunter Douglas Blinds: Easy Maintenance Tips

cleaning hunter douglas blinds

They’re classy, they’re timeless, and Hunter Douglas blinds are a beautiful addition to almost any room, regardless of the design or style.

But how do you handle cleaning Hunter Douglas blinds?

Not to worry. Here’s a simple set of tips for making this potentially confusing cleaning job, easy.

Cleaning Hunter Douglas Blinds: Simple Tips

Originating in 1946, the beautiful Hunter Douglas blinds brought functionality and style together to create the perfect window covering.

Fortunately, when it comes to keeping them clean you can mostly stick with a few simple products you probably already have lying around at home.

Using a Blow-Dryer

You read that right. You can actually use a typical hairdryer to clean off your Hunter Douglas blinds.

Simply select the lowest heat and air setting and aim it at your blinds to blow unwanted dust, crumbs, hair and other particles from your blinds. 

Just make sure you don’t have the heat setting on to protect the fabric of your blinds. 

Using a Vacuum Cleaner

The slightly more obvious method for cleaning your blinds consists of using your vacuum cleaner and the brush and hose attachments.

This is a good solution when things get especially dusty and need a bit more care than your average dusting job.

Make sure to vacuum in a vertical stroke to avoid damaging the blinds. It’s also important to make sure you’ve checked the blind care instructions as some Hunter Douglas fabrics can be damaged or creased if vacuumed.

Normal Dusting

Normal dusting is a great solution for getting those blinds clean on a regular basis. The more often you dust regularly, the less likely you are to need to do in-depth cleaning that could potentially damage your blinds.

Grab a soft rag or duster and run it vertically along the blinds to keep them tidy.

Beware, some magnetic dusters like cleaning mitts can harm the light-dimming backing of your blinds. Avoid using these.

Check Your Operations Manual

Should your blinds become especially dirty or, worst-case scenario, get a spill or water on them, you can refer to your blind operations manual for how to properly remove them.

Once you have removed your blinds safely from the window you can spot clean them with a soft rag and very mild detergent.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners

Professional Solutions

For the ultra neat-freaks out there, you also have the option of hiring professional cleaners for your Hunter Douglas blinds. Typically the best choice for professional cleaning methods with these blinds is to either use ultrasonic cleaning, or extraction cleaning.

Ultrasonic methods entail submerging the blinds in a cleaning solution. Extraction (also known as injection/extraction), consists of injecting a cleaning solution into the blinds that also works to push dirt and grime out.

Either is an acceptable method for cleaning. 

Choosing the Best Cleaning Method

Cleaning Hunter Douglas blinds may seem intimidating at first, but once you understand the simplicity of their care, they can be easily maintained.

Just be sure that before you begin cleaning your beautiful blinds, you check the operations or owner’s manual to make sure your method of choice will keep your blinds safe and do no harm to the fabric.

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