A Simple Guide to Choosing the Best Color For Your Bedroom Window Shades

bedroom window shades

Are you on the lookout for an upgrade to your bedroom blinds? Tired of waking up far too early due to that annoying beam of like peeking through the gap? It’s for these exact reasons that many people turn towards bedroom window shades for their window covering needs. Not only do these shades block out the sunlight without fail, but … Read More

The Best Types of Upholstery Fabrics and Their Benefits

types of upholstery fabric

Finding affordable furniture can be a hassle, especially with the average cost of a sofa having jumped above $1,000 this year. If there’s nothing wrong with your current furniture, you may want to reupholster it instead. This gives your home a new look and extends the life of your furniture. However, with so many types of upholstery fabric to choose … Read More

Why Choose Hunter Douglas?: The Top Benefits of Hunter Douglas Shades

Hunter Douglas Shades

Let in the light, and your home will look bigger and brighter. Light can be damaging though, so it’s important to have the right window treatments to protect your energy bill, your furniture, your children, and more. Even if you have window glazing, that may not be enough. Hunter Douglas shades allow you to safely and easily control the light that … Read More

Upholstered Headboards: What are the Top Benefits?

Upholstered Headboards

Looking to add a little luxury to your bedroom decor? Upholstered headboards are a great way to make a big style statement and bring extra warmth and coziness to any bedroom.  But these headboards provide more than just great looks. They have some important functional benefits, too. If you’re looking for a new headboard, here are some reasons to think about choosing … Read More

Suede Vs Velvet: Which Is Right For You?

suede vs velvet

On average, homeowners spend $1,000 on a brand new sofa. Considering a sofa in this price range can last three to five years, it’s not a bad investment. Of course, the materials in the sofa greatly affect its cost. A particle board sofa covered in polyester should be extremely cheap. However, it shouldn’t last as long as a sofa worth … Read More

Cleaning Hunter Douglas Blinds: Easy Maintenance Tips

cleaning hunter douglas blinds

They’re classy, they’re timeless, and Hunter Douglas blinds are a beautiful addition to almost any room, regardless of the design or style. But how do you handle cleaning Hunter Douglas blinds? Not to worry. Here’s a simple set of tips for making this potentially confusing cleaning job, easy. Cleaning Hunter Douglas Blinds: Simple Tips Originating in 1946, the beautiful Hunter Douglas blinds brought … Read More

How to Decorate Your Room With Throw Pillows

throw pillows

Throw pillows add a wow effect to your interior d├ęcor, but only if used correctly. A simple throw or decorative pillow may be all you need to get an instant makeover and a very affordable one at that. They solve many of your interior problems. Whether it is dullness, brightness, or even if your house is too plain. These pillows add a … Read More

7 Tips for Upholstered Furniture Maintenance and Cleaning

upholstered furniture

When you buy upholstered furniture, you expect it to look good for a long time. Problem is, its prone to sticky fingers from sauce residue and even pets lounging on it. As such, your new upholstered furniture ends up taking a beating.  Before you know it, the furniture gets covered in stains and dust. What you need to know is … Read More

5 Amazing Benefits About Getting Custom Upholstered Furniture

Custom upholstered furniture

Up to 63 percent of consumers want a customized retail experience.  More and more consumers don’t want an off-the-shelf product. Instead, they want to get exactly what they want.  Next time you need to get your furniture upholstered, why would you settle for whatever’s available. You can get a unique, custom upholstered furniture which is perfect for your home. Let’s … Read More

Never Worry About a Window Treatment Again With These Tips

window treatment

People like to say their home is their castle. And whether you’re buying a new house or updating your home, the decor is important. It’s a way to express who you are while meeting your needs. A simple way to update a room is using a window treatment. But what options are available and how should you use them? Read … Read More