5 Amazing Benefits About Getting Custom Upholstered Furniture

Custom upholstered furniture

Up to 63 percent of consumers want a customized retail experience. 

More and more consumers don’t want an off-the-shelf product. Instead, they want to get exactly what they want. 

Next time you need to get your furniture upholstered, why would you settle for whatever’s available.

You can get a unique, custom upholstered furniture which is perfect for your home. Let’s discover the amazing benefits below!

1. Update an Antique Piece

Do you have a piece of classic furniture which is looking a bit shabby?

Have you spotted a beautiful antique at a flea market?

You want to keep the frame. But, the piece just needs a modern twist. You need to freshen up the classic piece. 

Remember, don’t throw away Grandma’s chair. Don’t ditch the lived-in couch which was given to you as a wedding present.

Instead, just freshen up your furniture with custom upholstery. 

2. More Affordable Than You Think 

You probably think that custom-made upholstery is exclusively for the rich and famous, right? How could you possibly afford anything this fancy? 

If you believe this, then you’ll be shocked to hear our great prices.

Besides, you’re making an investment as well. The alternative is buying brand new furniture which would cost you a lot more. 

It’s always much cheaper than replacing your furniture. Just get your old furniture re-upholstered.  

3. Increase Re-Sale Value

Do you enjoy buying and selling furniture online? Nobody’s going to buy your couch which has been through too much wear and tear. 

You’ve got no chance of getting a decent price for your furniture past its best. And yet, the resale value of a recent re-upholstered piece could surprise you. 

Your furniture can quickly go from being an item which you need to discard to one looking as good as new. Prepare to be amazed by the transformation. 

4. Restore Tired Furniture

Your furniture won’t last forever. That’s a reality we have to live with. 

The kids will spill drinks over time. Your pets will tear chunks out of the upholstery.

However, now and then, you can restore your aging furniture with new custom upholstery. This allows you to enjoy sitting on it for many years longer. 

5. Perfect for Your Home

You’ve redecorated your living room or bedroom. You may think you’ve got to buy new furniture now. 

But, actually, with custom upholstery, you can adapt your furniture’s design to match the rest of the room.

You don’t have to tolerate the clashing of colors in your home. Just get the perfect design for your home.

Custom Upholstered Furniture

You don’t have to settle for whatever’s available in the furniture store. Stop putting up with your clashing furniture at home.

You can turn to custom upholstered furniture instead, which is perfect for your home.

Whether it’s an antique piece which you want re-upholstered or a brand new piece of furniture for your home. 

We’ve always got what you need. Not sure whether to ditch or fix your furniture? Check out our blog post to get the advice you need on your furniture.